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Thank you for your interest in the Lilly Project in Lebanon, Indiana. 

Following are answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions regarding the project and its construction. If you have a question not answered below, please feel free to email us at  info@lpgrowsboone.com.


General Lilly/LEAP

Q: How does Lilly campus construction fit into the LEAP district being created?

A: The Lilly campus is the first occupant in the state’s LEAP (Limitless Exploration/Advanced Pace) District, which is expected to encompass more than 9,000 acres+. The LEAP District is being created to attract companies in the advanced manufacturing, research and development, life sciences, technology, and microelectronics and semiconductor industries. For more information on the State of Indiana’s LEAP project, visit the LEAP website.


Q: Who is the contractor responsible for campus construction?

A: Lilly Lebanon Project 1 (LP1) construction is being performed by Fluor Corporation based in Irving, TX. Jacobs, headquartered in Dallas, TX, is managing construction of the second facility referred to as Lilly Lebanon Project 2 (LP2).




Q: How many jobs will this project create during construction?

A: The project will create approximately 2,000+ temporary construction jobs,


Q: How do I find out about construction/craft job openings?

A: Lebanon Project 1 (LP1) construction on the Lilly Campus is being managed by Fluor Corporation and developed under a merit shop approach utilizing both union and open shop contractors. Applications for craft positions should be directed to the local signatory unions or the contractors participating in the project. For available engineering or construction support positions visitwww.fluor.com/careers .




Q: Who is Fluor?

A: Fluor Corporation is an American-based, global engineering, procurement and construction management firm headquartered in Irving, Texas, which has operated for over 100 years. Fluor has been selected by Lilly to oversee manufacturing of the first Lebanon Plant in Boone County’s new LEAP District.

During the building phase of the project, Fluor and Eli Lilly together are dedicated to:

  1. Delivering clear and transparent communications to all stakeholders
  2. Minimizing disruptions to everyday life
  3. Adding immediate and lasting value to the local community through nonprofit engagement, legacy projects, and employee giving and volunteerism


Q: What can immediate neighbors expect regarding disruptions during Lilly facility construction?

A: Both Lilly and Fluor understand the impact site construction has on the local community, particularly to immediate, fence-line neighbors, and are committed to creating a safe construction zone for our traveling public and our workers.

Noise, dust and light mitigation will be considered during the project build. A lot of earth moving will take place in the early phases of construction, thus dust suppression will be a priority along with keeping the roadway clean. Project leaders consistently evaluate how to reduce increased construction traffic issues for neighbors and drivers, including staggered construction work shifts, dedicated haul roads and on-site or meal service delivery to reduce back and forth traffic.

Neighboring residents will be given construction liaison contacts for immediate concerns. Updates related to road work and traffic management will be communicated along with regular project details.

  • Anyone at any time (24/7) can ask for information/share concerns by calling 866-LP-GROWS.
  • A dedicated website will provide updates: https://fluor.webconnectivity.com/Home/
  • Community members may sign up to receive project status emails on the website.
  • The community may also opt in to join a project construction text notification list by texting LPConstruction to 91896.


Q: What improvements are being made to accommodate the increase in construction traffic?

A: The Indiana Department of Transportation has several projects being developed to accommodate the greater traffic volumes involving the Lilly site and other LEAP-based developments, both during construction and once these entities begin operations. Some improvements include:

  • Adding a new exit at I-65 and West County Road 300 North
  • Upgrading the existing interchange at I-65 & US 52
  • Enhancements to State Roads 32 and 39 & US 52



Q: How will timely project information be provided to residents?

A:  There are a variety of ways in which the project construction team will be communicating to immediate neighbors and members of the public. The construction team has a dedicated Community Relations & Communications team who are responsible for ensuring we communicate well and are good construction neighbors. This group will use all avenues available to provide prompt communications, including phone calls, text messages, email blasts, roadside display boards, web updates, open houses and special events to relay near- and longer-term construction information.


Q: How can I reach someone if I have a question or need to speak to someone about the campus construction?

A:  Call our project information line at 866-LP-GROWS or send us an email.