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Construction Updates It's All About Quality December 18, 2023

Integrated into all good construction programs are quality assurance professionals who provide oversight from the start of construction through acceptance testing. These specialists help ensure work is being performed as specified in design plans and meets industry construction standards and local codes.

On the LP1 site, quality control inspections take place daily on operations including the installation of stormwater pipe, sanitary sewer, domestic water, soil compaction, rigid inclusions (ground improvement) and concrete. In the soil compaction area alone 2,300 tests have been performed to date.

Typically, about 20 quality control inspectors are working at the Lebanon Project each day and include:

  1. Inspectors supplied by those directly performing the work
  2. Third party inspectors contracted by Fluor
  3. Fluor inspectors
  4. Lilly (owner) inspectors
  5. City & County inspectors

Quality control plans clearly lay out what areas are to be inspected, the frequencies of these inspections and guidelines for acceptance and steps to assure acceptable re-work when standards are not met.

When the Lilly plant goes into operation in three years, tens of thousands of rigorous reviews, tests and inspections will have been successfully completed to make it happen. 

Katie Kessinger, testing technician, performs concrete quality checks on the LP1 site.

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